Black Crow Coffee

The Black Crow Coffee shop is one of my favorite places in town, and more conveniently, in my neighborhood. Opened in 2015, it started in a small strip center at Seventh Avenue and Second Street North in the OldĀ  Northeast neighborhood. Their customer base quickly grew, and within a year, they took over the space next door and opened a second room to the shop for patrons to chill. The walls are covered with rustic wood and brick, Edison bulb light fixtures hang from the ceiling, and the furniture is all vintage couches and chairs, mixed with some retro school tables. As any good coffee house would have, it has a free library where you can pick up a book someone else has left, board games, and great mood music.

As cool as the shop is, their coffee is really the star. A simple menu on chalkboard gives you two types of drinks – artisan coffees and cafe dolces (coffees with favorings), in addition to the artisan baked goods they make fresh every morning. Their Red Eye coffee is my staple – two impressive shots of espresso in a cup of coffee, and while strong, it is very smooth and never burned. I also order on occasion their Carmel Sutra coffee (coffee with Caramel and Vanilla), or their Peppermint Mocha. Their artisan baked goods are so large and filling that a muffin alone could keep you full all day.

We often have meetings at Black Crow, as their space is the perfect mix of cool and cozy, and you can talk without a lot of surrounding noise. The people you will meet and see there are from all walks of life, and all are welcome. It is a great local spot for neighbors, but also a great destination for those who are not as fortunate to have a coffee shop this great within walking distance to their house.

Black Crow Coffee is located at 722 2nd Street North in St. Petersburg, and we’ll meet you there!