Crescent Lake/Crescent Heights

The Crescent Lake neighborhood surrounds a 57 acre park built around Crescent Lake, which was established in 1927, although a Native American canoe was recovered from the lake, dating its residents back to the 1500’s. After the 1920’s, the city built its water tower and baseball field, which has seen baseball greats like Babe Ruth […]

Downtown/Grand Central

Downtown St. Petersburg and the Grand Central District are mixed use neighborhoods. Downtown features small single family homes, condominiums, and apartments sprinkled among the commercial businesses and restaurants. Grand Central neighborhood has a Main Street design on either side of Central Avenue. Central Avenue is mostly commercial businesses, with neighborhoods like Kenwood and Uptown on […]

Old NE/Snell Isle

The Old Northeast and Snell Isle neighborhoods feature some of the oldest homes in Pinellas County. Organized in the 1920’s by Perry Snell and John Hamlett, these neighborhoods are close to downtown St. Petersburg and are centered around public parks. The architecture of the oldest homes (1900-1940’s) are vernacular in architecture, with elements of Victorian, […]